18 Feb 2017

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04 Feb 2017


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Supreme Open Show Horse Trophy

The Beck’s Hardware Supreme Open Show Horse Trophy commenced in 2001. In that year it was won by a big black thoroughbred hack called Dalebrook After Five ridden by Samantha Barr the daughter of Peter and Yvonne Barr from Dalebrook Lodge which is only 12 kilometres away at Western Creek.

Horses trained and prepared at Dalebrook Lodge have won it every year since except for 2014 when they didn’t compete because they were at their nieces wedding in Sydney.

They have won it with 10 different horses, multiple winners were My Time 4 times (2010-13) and Intrigue twice (2004/5) both were brown thoroughbred hacks.

The most prolific rider with 10 wins is Yvonne Barr

Muffin Baking Competition

04 Feb 2017

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Chudleigh Events 2016

10 Feb 2014


On Display: 

Allis Chalmer Tractor Alister (Shot) Walters of Mersey Hill Road Mole Creek bought this Allis Chalmer tractor at the Chudleigh Show in 1943. Granddaughter Sue Badcock (Walters) found it in a shed at Dunorlan and her husband Gordon lovingly restored it.

This marks the 10th yhear for Sheep at Chudleigh show

New this year:

Harness Driving. Come and see the bygone days of the horse and carriage

Chudleigh Cup

01 Jan 2013

At one time the Chudleigh Cup was one of the main events in the District. It was run in conjunction with the Chudleigh Show. There were several races, a pony race, hack race and a steeple chase.
The jumps in those days were not the Olympic type but rather solid jumps.
In the early days they used to race around the Chudleigh Show Ground and cars and trucks formed the running rails. There are stories about of jockey’s losing control of their mounts and racing through the crowds. It seems the running of the Chudleigh Cup back in those days was a very exciting event.
Parents and kids would climb up on the stock crates to get a better view and also to avoid being run over.
The Wadleys were very serious competitors and would bring a string of horses along each year, the Wadleys were very successful. Geoff Richards rode in a number of Chudleigh Cups for the Wadleys and was a successful Chudleigh Cup jockey.
The Chudleigh Cup was discontinued many years ago, mainly due to insurance considerations.
On the 21st of February 2009, the 120th Year of the Chudleigh Show the Show committee felt it would be appropriate to revive tradition and run the Chudleigh Cup once again.
The new Chudleigh Cup was a great hit with spectators and participants, albeit very different from the original race.


Due to it's success at the 2009 Chudleigh Show, a new tradition of the annual Chudleigh Cup has begun.

Location of Chudleigh Show