18 Feb 2017

The Chudleigh Show Committee

Each individual on the Chudleigh Show Committee is committed to making the Chudleigh Show an enjoyable event for the community.  We meet every month normally on the 2nd Monday  evening  at the Chudleigh Show Grounds.  We encourage anyone to attend, whether they just want to see what's happening, provide some input or with the aim of joining the committee.

If you would like to contact us please send an email to secretary@chudleighshow.com.au

Here's the committee for our upcoming Chudleigh Show 2016:

President - Josh Smith

Josh is our youngest member.  He's one of the leading Junior Handlers in Tasmania and has travelled to WA to compete at the Perth Royal Show.  Josh's contribution to our committee is invaluable and keeps us 'oldies' in touch with today's trends.

Mike Muller

Treasurer - Sheryl Crowden

Sheryl has been on the committee for years and is the foundation on which the show is built

Secretary - Helene Woodberry

 Helene is a new member to our Show Committee.  It's fantastic to have new members, especially those that are willing to jump right in and get involved in such a pivotal role.

John Dare

John has served as president of the Chudleigh Show for many years.  Every year John has endeavoured to bring a little more excitement to the show and provide a focal event for the local communities.  John's tireless enthusiasm and open mind has resulted in the Chudleigh Show's continued growth in a time where country shows are struggling to survive.

Vice President: Chris Riley

Cindy Watkins

Joe and Julie Clippingdale

Joe and Julie have been on our committee for years.  Whenever something needs doing Joe is there to either help out or do it himself.  Without this husband and wife team the Chudleigh Show would never be what it is today.

Laura Richardson

Laura has been on the Chudleigh Show committee for many years.  Her creative ideas and initiative have been instrumental in making the Chudleigh Show such an enjoyable event.

Wayne Richardson

Wayne has lived in Chudleigh since birth.  His local knowledge and commitment to the community is an inspiration to everyone on the committee.

Lesley Dare

Lesley has been fantastic at keeping John's hair-brained schemes to a minimum and is a very reliable member of our committee.  She has been involved with organising the entertainment for a number of years and has also contributed to our PR and advertising efforts.

'Spud' Haberle

Spud is the 'can do' man on our committee.  If something needs to be done we turn to Spud and he never lets us down.